Topic outline

  • Welcome to Experimental Methods in Physics!

    Classes are on Mondays and Thursdays, 10:15-12:00, in room 161 in Nanotalo, over Period I & II (Sep-Oct-Nov). Each class is divided into a lecture and an exercise session.

    Period I:

    Teacher = Matthijs de Jong   (replacing Laure Mercier de Lépinay)

    Teaching assistant = Gongchang Lin

    Period II:

    Teacher = Mika Sillanpää

    Teaching assistant = Tommi Huhtamäki

    This is not a lab course. Common experimental techniques used in modern labs will be presented and explained, with the aim to prepare students for lab work in a broad range of physical domains. The techniques cover electronics and basic radiofrequency, amplifiers, noise and grounding considerations, basic optics, vacuum environments, cryogenic environments. These techniques are relevant as well in academia as in industry. This will also be an opportunity to discuss a few famous historical experiments.

    Given this broad range of topics, the course is graded through 4 assignments rather than a final exam. You will work on these assignments both at home and during the exercise sessions where you can ask questions and get some help. The assignment schedule is the following:

    • Assignment 1: due 28.09.2022 
    • Assignment 2: due 23.10.2022
    • Assignment 3: due 13.11.2022
    • Assignment 4: due 04.12.2022

    Regular quizzes in class and filling the feedback form will also give points.

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    • It is on or after 15 December 2023
    • Any of:
      • You are a(n) Teacher
      • You are a(n) Student ...

    In the pdf.

    See the introductory slides how the total number of points is compiled from the assignments, quizzes, and course feedback.

    The scale used to convert from the exercise points to the final grade is:

    Grade     Exercise points
    1             38 to 42
    2             43 to 49
    3             50 to 56
    4             57 to 64
    5             more than 65