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  • Mechatronics Project

    The aim of the Mechatronics Project course is to introduce the student into demanding mechatronics machine design and building using a practical project assignment. The projects are carried out as group assigments. Typical assignments are planning, building and testing of research equipment to be used in ongoing research projects. The results are reported in the form of conference paper.
    The topics for the projects are presented on the 1st lecture. Course staff will then form the project teams based on the students' project applications.
    At the end of the course the projects will be presented at the Mechatronic Circus and at the Baltic Mechatronics Symposium.

    14th Mechatronics Circus will be held Thursday 11.4. from 10 am to 3 pm at K3 building and it's surroundings.

    Date Topic Location 
    Tue Jan 9
    Course info and project topics        
    K1 215
    Sun Jan 14
    DL for Project application
    Tue Jan 16
    Project teams
    K1 215
    Week 3
    Jan 17/19
    First team meetings
    Tue  Jan 23 Scientific Writing K1 215 
    Week 4  Jan ??
    Team meetings TBA 
    Week 6
     Feb ?
    Team meetings
    Tue  Feb 13
    Project pitch & first experimental results
    K1 215
    Week 9
     Mar ?
    Team meetings
    Week 11
     Mar ?? Team meetings
    Week 13
     Mar ??
    Team meetings
    Thu April 11
     13th Mechatronic Circus; 10 am to 3 pm
     Presentation training
    May 14/15
     9th Baltic Mechatronics Symposium
    TalTech, Estonia

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