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    Schedule (READ CAREFULLY):

    I will use a flipped classroom approach where, each week, I would like you to:

    1. Familiarise yourself with the material for the week.  You can simply read the lecture notes or go through the recordings available on MyCourses.
    2. Participate in the weekly seminar, where I will give a summary of the theory and introduce example problems.  (in person only) 
    3. Join the calculation hours, where I will be available to answer your questions about the assignment. (in person only) 

    Both seminars and calculation hours are in Otakaari 4, room 216 from 14.15-16.00.

    There are several changes to the schedule from one week to the next because of public holidays and other engagements.  Here is the schedule for each week:

      Week     Seminar     Calculation hours  
    1 Wednesday  Thursday
    2 Tuesday Thursday
    3 Wednesday Friday
    4 Tuesday Thursday
    5 Wednesday Thursday
    6 Revision Revision


    Online, open books:

    • Friday, June 7, 9.00-12.00.
    • Date of the second exam will be decided later; ideally before midsummer. 


    40% assignments.  Based on your best 4 out of 5 assignments.

    60% exam.

    Grade Final mark %
    5 >=90
    4 80-89
    3 70-79
    2 60-69
    1 50-59
    0-Fail <=49

    Contact details:
    Luc St-Pierre, Teacher in charge,