Topic outline

  • General

    This course has:

    • Lectures
    • Three Laboratory Exercises
    • A Final Examination

    Grading is based on three laboratory exercise reports (35%) and a final examination (65%).

    Lectures will be held in Lecture Hall 215 Meyer (K1/Otakaari 4). The plan is to also stream the lectures via MS TEAMS for students to follow remotely. The MS Teams link will be provided below (under "General" Tab) on the previous day of the lecture. Lecture slides (PDF) will be provided a day before the lecture, and the lecture recordings will be provided after the lecture in the "Lectures" Tab. 

    The final exam will be held on Monday 4th of December at 09:00-12:00 in Lecture Hall 213a (K1/Otakaari 4).

    The grades have been published under the "Grades" tab.