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    Advanced Energy Project (AEP) Course 2023  

    This course runs in Periods 1 & 2 (September- December 2023) 
    The course is designated for students in 2nd year of AAE, Innoenergy MSc programmes, Joint energy programmes & doctoral students 

    Course gala photos

    (Above photos by Glen Forde & Katja Reinikka)

    In this course:

    ·         Groups of 4-5 students carry out projects for external companies & other stakeholders (“partners”)

    ·         Student adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to address an identified energy challenge/problem through the development of services, business models, technical solutions or prototypes.

    ·         Groups are guided by a representative of the external partner and a dedicated supervisor from Aalto staff

    ·         The group work is accompanied by parallel lectures/training on marketing, pitching, communication and entrepreneurial thinking, many of these sessions held by guest lecturers or professional trainers. 

    Course teachers are Dr. Sam Cross & Professor Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio. Course assistant is Markus Laitinen.

    Students will be assigned to the projects based on their own project preferences. Registered students are asked to identify their 3 preference projects, and submit that by 10.30 on 5th September.   

    Please find the list of available company projects this year in the section "Company/Partner projects" 

    Workshop dates are on Tuesday afternoons from 1400-1700 (except for the first session on Wednesday 6.9 1400-1700). There can be also few extended sessions which we announce at the start of course. Students are expected to attend all workshop dates. 

    If you need more information about the course in general, please contact Markus (

    Sam, Annukka and Markus