Topic outline

  • quantum

    Time and place  13.09-17.11.2023      
    Wednesdays 12.30-14.00  Room U401
    Fridays 12.30-14.00           Room Y347                
    Teacher: Nicole Ivarsson-Keng ( Consultation by appointment.

    This course prepares students for spoken and written communication that is related to the context of Quantum Technology courses or other courses as well as the students’ future professional careers. During the Quantum Tech integrated English course, students participate in individual, pair, and group work as a way to enhance their speaking and writing skills in English. To achieve this, the students will participate in a variety of communicative activities throughout the studies dealing with subjects, such as presentations, team communication, intercultural communication, and academic writing

    Learning outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to

    - Recognize the strategies and elements that enhance clarity and audience-friendliness in both oral and written communication
    - Apply these strategies and elements in oral presentations and writing related to their field of study
    - Distinguish between formal and informal styles of communication


    This course introduces written and oral communication principles and strategies that are applicable to professional and academic purposes and is at the same time integrated with a content course. Written tasks and oral tasks will support the content course and be largely determined by its requirements. Throughout this course, students work individually and/or in small groups to develop their presentation and writing skills. Moreover, students give and receive constructive feedback on their work and revise it accordingly.

    Workload           3 ETCS/81 h (Small group instruction 28 h + Independent work 53 h)
    Requirements   Preparatory assignments  40%
                                Written assignment           30%
                                Oral assignments               30%