Topic outline

  • Blockchain Business Applications Aug 2023 - Dec 2023


    For Aalto University Students:

    From October 2023 onwards, this course will not be open to degree students. The enrollment in Sisu is closed. Those already registered for the course can complete it by 31.12.2023 by returning the certificate ID to the return box below.

    Once you have completed the course at, please submit the course certificate ID code (not the certificate) to the MyCourses Assignment folder.

    The credits will be registered once a month. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this schedule.

    FITech adult learners (without a study right in a university):

    If you want to get the study credits officially registered to Aalto University’s register, you need to fill in an application in (Opintopolku) after completing the course. You will find instructions to do this at the end of the course.