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    Welcome to the Semiconductor Devices course in Spring 2024! Please do not miss the first lecture that will be held on Monday 8.1. 2024 starting at 12:15 at Kide (Otakaari 2B) in lecture hall Skłodowska-Curie - 1501. In the course, we use recorded lecture videos together with on campus lecture recap and exercise sessions. After first week, Mondays are reserved for voluntary exercise help sessions (12:15-14:00). On Wednesdays, recap lecture takes place at 12:15-13:00 after which the "graded" Exercise session starts (more info in "Calculation Exercises" - MyCourses tab). All of these sessions are held at Kide (Otakaari 2B) in lecture hall Skłodowska-Curie - 1501.

    • How to get started?

      • Video recordings for the course lectures are available online at the "Lecture Recordings" section for the whole duration of the course.

      • You should start the course by participating to introduction lecture on Mon 8.1. at 12:15. During the first week, you should start watching the first recorded lectures. On Wed 10.1., we have the first guest lecture of the course given by Iiro Lehto from Okmetic, Inc.

      • After the first week, the schedule remains more or less the same. On Mondays, we have exercise sessions, where the teaching assistants help with the week’s calculation exercises. Exercises are related to each week’s topics, so we highly recommend watching all the related lecture recordings before attending the exercise sessions. The submission deadline for the exercises is on Tue at 23:55. During the week, the students should also answer quizzes related to week’s topics. Answering the quizzes should be fairly simple after getting familiar with the course material. The submission deadline for the quizzes is on Wed at noon.

      • During Wednesday recap sessions, the lecturer will go through the quizzes and summarize the main points of the topic and is available for possible Q&A related to the lectures. These sessions are held at 12:15-13:00. After the recap session, the students should prepare to present solutions for the exercises. More information can be found on Calculation Exercises MyCourses-tab.

      • There is no separate final exam (only voluntary) as the grading will be based on the small tasks to be carried out during the course. Please see more details for these tasks and overall grading from the Course practicalities -file found below.


      Please see the different sections on the left for more information for specific deadlines etc.. A general overview of the schedule is plotted below (open the image in a new tab to make it bigger).

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      This forum is open for interactions and general discussion between students and teachers/teacher assistants. Please use this forum as the main way of contacting the teachers. 

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      This is slide set from the first lecture describing the details of the course practicalities including the grading of different tasks (when and how).