Topic outline

  • Welcome to the WAT Project Course!

    In this course, students work in teams to solve practical challenges related to the field of water and environmental engineering. The cases are agreed with mentors from the working life, and the mentors also facilitate the teams' problem solving process. The emphasis is thus on applying previous learnings, and on developing problem solving and project management competencies.


    You can register to the course in SISU. The course is mainly targeted to WAT students having completed at least some WAT advanced courses before this course. Other than WAT students can write a motivation letter in SISU to apply to the course. The amount of students that can be accepted to the course is limited.


    The course runs in the period V. There are five compulsory contact sessions in the course, mainly @Water Building 286: 

    • The first workshop (course start, forming the teams): Tuesday 23 April at 13-16. 
    • Workshop 2: presenting the cases, meeting the mentors, starting with project planning: Thursday 25 April 9-12.
    • Workshops 3-4: Sustainability workshop Tue 7 May 13-16; Futures thinking workshop Tue 14 May 13-16.
    • Workshop 5 is the final seminar of the course: Thursday 6 June 9-12 (seminar hall to be confirmed).

    Apart from these sessions, the course work is mainly done in teams and thus the working/meeting times can be planned according to each team members' and mentors' schedules.

    Cases 2024

    This spring the confirmed course partners include The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Häme ELY Centre, HSY, Ramboll, and John Nurminen Foundation. The cases are related to Water resources management (mining, forestry, dams) and Water & waste water (waste water treatment and utility management). 

    (NOTE: in the Ramboll case, the language of the material is mainly Finnish. Therefore, the team for this case will need to have mostly students capable of reading Finnish. Other cases are equally suitable for all the students.)

    In the SISU registration, you are asked about your preliminary preferences for the case. The course teams will be formed during the first teaching session on Tue 23 April, and the teams' cases will be agreed after that.