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    Welcome to SGT Studio course 2024!

    Course starts on Monday 8th January 2024 at 13:00. Water Building (Tietotie 1E), room 286.

    >> Read course syllabus and evaluation criteria before the course starts!

    Contact: Matleena Muhonen (


    SGT FAIR'24, final event poster introducing the five student cases.

    Course is full - application period ended 13 October 2023

    *Note! Only a limited number of students is accepted into this course. Course will have 4-6 real-life project cases. An average of five students are accepted in each project team.

    *Note! The prerequisite courses give priority in the selection process: WAT-E3020 State of the World and Development (2 cr) & WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment (5 cr). Additionally, completing courses from Aalto World in Transition WiT Minor and UniPID Virtual Studies are considered as an asset. Also Aalto WAT students have priority.

    Course is organized in spring term in periods III-V. The teaching times will vary during different periods. Please see the course schedule in MyCourses when published. Read also the course syllabus for content and learning outcomes.

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      SGT Studio 2024 Evaluation Criteria File PDF

      Course evaluation criteria and assessment methods in detail. Read before the course starts. 

      *Note that we are currently developing evaluation criteria and methods for this course. With any feedback, please contact the course staff!

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      Link to course MIRO whiteboard URL

      Password: SGTSTUDIO24

      This Miro-board is used for joint course activities. Please use your own whiteboard for your own team and project related activities.

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      Link to course Zoom online meetings URL

      This zoom link is used for online participation to joint sessions, lectures and reviews when online participation is permitted. The online attendance must be agreed in advance with own team, mentor and course responsible teacher. For team online meetings, please use your own online links.

      This Zoom meeting uses waiting room and one of the hosts must open the meeting first. Hosts for this zoom link are our mentors: Matleena, Julia, Daniel, Marko, Anup, Avinash, and Kristjana.