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  • Water & Governance course

    Fisher in the Mekong River

    Welcome to Water & Governance course! Ever wondered what governance is and how it links to water? Or who are your stakeholders, and how does legislation affect water engineering? And how this all is related to sustainability?

    Course registration and start

    Students must register to this course in Sisu by 8.1.2024 at 23:59 and receive approval. Approved students must attend the first Contact Session on TUESDAY 9.1. at 9.00 to confirm their attendance. The Contact Session are in classroom 286 of the Water Building (Tietotie 1 E).

    What the course is about

    The course is part of our Master's Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering (WAT), and it provides you with an in-depth introduction to broad issue of governance in relation to water management. The course combines the theories related to water governance with practical case studies, focusing on governance contexts at different levels.

    Attendance and working methods

    The Contact Sessions are on Tuesday mornings (9.00-12) and Thursday mornings (9.00-12) during Period III: note that the sessions start at 9.00 sharp!

    In addition to Contact Sessions, students will complete a case study as a group work, organize reading circles with peers and attend an exam at the end of the course.

    Course staff

    The responsible teacher for the course is Associate Professor Marko Keskinen, with Thomas Banafa working as a Course Coordinator and Josias Láng-Ritter as a Course Mentor. In addition, we'll have a wonderful set of experts as our visiting lecturers. 

    Welcome to the course!

    Tentative course schedule

    Course schedule