Topic outline

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    Learning outcomes

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

    • Use a related software for building energy modelling (IDA-ICE)
    • Describe imperatives for an energy efficient building
    • Choose phases and principal techniques of the design process concerning energy efficient buildings
    • Analyse, simulate and evaluate the resource consumption and overall energy efficiency of buildings, mainly focusing on the role of different aspects of building physics
    • Demonstrate the role, techniques, integration and control of building services systems in creating and maintaining energy efficient buildings

    Course responsible teacher

    Andrea Ferrantelli (Civil & Mechanical Engineering), R267a

    Teaching assistant

    Ilia Kravchenko (Mechanical Engineering),

    IDA-ICE instructor

    Karl-Villem Võsa (TalTech),

    Link to the IDA-ICE installation package:

    licence number: ICE40XL:23DEC-E0.V0J5322KI

    - NOTE: many explanations and calculations will be performed at the blackboard, so please bring along material to take notesDo not hesitate to show up in my room 267a if you need advice. I'll be glad to help.