Topic outline

  • Note! We will start the course by meeting on 23.10 at 15-16 in room 237 (Vuorimiehentie 1). If you cannot join the meeting, contact We will discuss your project ideas, so be prepared to shortly describe your idea. Before starting lab work, a project plan needs to be submitted. Instructions on preparing the plan will be given during the meeting.

    Content: Students work individually or in small groups with an aim of developing a material or product of renewable carbon sources. The course is student-driven, and the role of the teachers is to support students’ working process.

    Learning goals:

    • In depth knowledge on selected biobased materials and technologies
    • Knowledge on planning, executing, documenting, communicating and presenting experimental working processes and results in a professional way
    • Ability to develop innovative ideas through interdisciplinary collaboration, experimenting with materials and hands-on prototyping

    Evaluation criteria:  Idea development and working process (50%), documentation of the working process and results (project report) (25%), outcome and seminar presentation (25%).