Topic outline

  • Course in short

    Implement and learn signal processing algorithms needed in wireless communications (digital filters, multirate filters, adaptive filters,  time, frequency, phase synchronization, detection, and estimation) using  RTL-SDR USB dongle , and Matlab. The transmitter is given to the participants during the course, and it must be returned back after the course. In addition, your own computer is needed. In the end, course participants will know the basics on the operation of wireless receivers and wireless communications links.

     Experience in Matlab programming, or programming experience in general, is essential/mandatory.

    Preliminary contents of the course in 2023

    1. Introduction
    2. Signal processing basics
    3. Spectrum estimation
    4. Basics of FIR filtering, decimation, and FM transmission
    5. Computationally efficient filter structures
    6. Digital filter banks
    7. Maximum likelihood (ML) estimation and practical algorithms for estimating carrier frequency offset
    8. .Digital modulation, pulse shaping, matched filter, and demodulation
    9. Symbol timing estimation

    Matlab exercises
    1. Spectrum estimation using a recorded FM radio signal
    2. FM receiver 1, discriminator, using a signal from RTL-SDR plugged in the computer
    3. Efficient filter structures using the extraction of the FM stereo carrier as an example
    4. Digital filter banks
    5. Frequency synchronization (estimation of  carrier frequency offset) using GSM synchronization channel
    6. Symbol synchronization, timing estimation, and demodulation  and receiving FM Radio Data System (RDS) information
    7.  Symbol timing estimation, fine-tuning the RDS receiver

    Course staff:

    Risto Wichman,

    TA Mikko Laakso,