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  • Internet Forum 2023 - Telecommunications in Cross-Roads: Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductors

    Internet Forum is a studia generalia course hosted by the Department of Information and Communications Engineering. The course handles hot topics in Internet and wireless information technology including global and national trends, product, business and technology strategies and covers issues from recent advances in research to the social, economic and legal impact of the application of the latest technology.

    The theme of the lecture series this year is Telecommunications in Cross-Roads: Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductors.

    Registration to course:

    • Aalto students: Register via SISU.
    • Others register via FITech.
    • The lectures are studia generalia public lectures, meaning that anyone can come in and listen.

    The course consists of a series of lectures (on Tuesdays, 4:30 pm to 6 pm) plus lecture diaries (in English) of all lectures  (3 cr). There will also be an optional exam for extra credits (+2 cr). All lectures will take place in lecture hall TU2 (Maarintie 8) and some of them will also be broadcast in Panopto.

    Exam questions will be based on both the lectures and the exam material that can be found on its own page. The exams are online and can be found on their own page (also listed in the menu on the left). It is a good idea to make sure you can see the exams page before the exam.

    We'll have an introductory lecture and Q&A for those who want the credits on the 12th of September; this lecture will not be videoed, but it is also not compulsory (we do recommend attending, though).

    Note that as this is a course you can take multiple times, the course code will be changing slightly from year to year. To find the course in Sisu you need to use the full code. Also, the course needs to be in your primary study plan (HOPS) for your enrolment to succeed.

    The responsible teacher of the course is professor Petri Mähönen and the course assistants are Juho Kaivosoja (MyCourses issues, streaming) and Abdur Rahman (diary grading).

    Welcome to the course!

    • Announced Presentations (note that some talks are not streamed):

      19.9.    Dr. Hannu Kauppinen (CTO, Nokia Technologies, Nokia Foundation)
                   AI Powering the Virtuous cycle of Innovations

      26.9.    Kimmo Pentikäinen (VP, Elisa Oyj,  New Business Development)
                   Telecommunication networks providing data for growing AI market

      3.10.    Dr. Janne Peisa (Head of Connectivity Networks, Ericsson)
                   AI/ML in mobile systems

      10.10.   No lecture


      24.10  Dr. Jari Collin (CTO, Telia Finland)
                  Industrial 5G - Data Driven Use Cases

      7.11     No lecture

      14.11  Sami Komulainen (Executive Vice President, Production, Elisa Corp.)
                 Telco entering AI era

      21.11  Kirsi Valtari (Chief Strategy Officer, Polystar) 
                 Telecom journey towards self-driving networks 

      28.11   Dr. Henry Tirri (CTO Nokia Technologies)
                  Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Disruptive Convergence of AI,
                   Telecommunications, and Semiconductors

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