Topic outline

  • Lecturer: Dominik Baumann

    Teaching assistant: Harsha Guda

    • Lectures: Wednesdays at 14:15-16:00 in TU4
    • Exercise sessions: Mondays at 14:15-16:00 in TU4 (bi-weekly)
      • Exercise problems are published before the exercise session (See Exercises-tab)
      • Solutions are published after the exercise session (See Exercises-tab)

    • Assessment criteria: homeworks, project (written report + presentation)
    • Contact the course personnel via email. Please add "ELEC-E8121" to the subject.

    Aims of the course:

    The main aim of the course is to help students acquire in-depth knowledge of networked control of multi-agent systems. After completing the course the student: 

    • Can describe and explain the challenges of controlling multi-agent systems over communication networks;
    • Recognizes application areas of networked multi-agent systems
    • Can apply knowledge from the course to design multi-agent systems that are connected over different types of networks
    • Can analyse and evaluate existing designs of networked multi-agent systems
    • Can describe and assess the challenges and opportunities when applying machine learning methods to networked multi-agent systems
    • Can present their work in a written report and presentation such that a technically qualified person can follow. 

    • The first deadline to submit the initial report version is approaching: this deadline was originally already set to April 24. By that time, you should have a version of your report that you are happy with, and then the time from when you receive the review of your report until the final deadline should mainly be spent on addressing the comments and finalizing the report. I got the feeling that this deadline might be a bit too soon while the time between initial submission and final submission could be shortened. So there are two options now: we stick to the old schedule or we go for a new schedule that I propose below. Please make your vote until next week Wednesday.

      New schedule:

      Initial reports due: May 19 (before that, you should have already sent a draft to your advisor to receive some feedback)

      Review time: 1 week, i.e., you should receive feedback by May 26

      Final reports due: June 9