Topic outline

  • Art of Packaging

    • Continues the design work stated in the previous Design Insight course.
    • Focus on visual and structural packaging design.
    • From concept design to prototyping, user testing, and iteration.
    • By testing we seek evidence to support claims about the performance and desirability of the suggested design.
    • The best-performing packaging designs are made into proof-of-concept prototypes and
    printed in collaboration with a print house.
    • The fully developed packaging and branding concept is presented at the end of the
    • Product photography workshop, presentation skills and presentation coaching are part
    of the course.
    • The course finale is the Pack-Age Gala on 8.12.

    In the case of remote meetings and lectures, we will be using this Zoom link:

    Course Schedule:

    Week 1 Reset Goals & Plans
    24.10. 9:15–12:00    Debrief, revisions and production plan for the course,
    Väre Q101
    25.10. 9:15–17:00    Structural Design software ArtiosCAD, -Sanna,
    Väre M101            
    26.10. 9:15–12:00    Packaging graphics and visual identity, -Teo Tuominen, 
    Väre Q103          
    Weekly target: Resetting goals, Start the structural design & graphic design

    Week 2 Develop Graphics & Structure                  
    31.10. 9:15–17:00  GD + XD + Sharing plans with CadPack & Markprint, Väre M202   
    1.11. 9:15–17:00    
    ESKO Studio, -Sanna / Graphic Design - Teo Tuominen, Väre M101           
    2.11. 9:15–12:00    Production day @ Printlab + Zund Plotter with Sanna
    (Q202 reserved if needed for lecturing)
    Weekly target:  Fully develop graphic design and test print and cut in Väre

    Week 3 Review, Iterate & Polish             
    7.11. 9:15–17:00    
    Packaging markings and regulation + Mid Review with special guests Väre Q101    
    8.11. 9:15–17:00    Preparing for print production,
    Väre M101/Design Factory Studio           
    9.11. 9:15–12:00   
    ZOOM: UCD and Sustainability – Noora Nylander
    Weekly target: Polish the design to the level that it can be sent to Printhouse by the end of this week.
    Week 4 Expand & Test                     
    14.11. 8:00–18:00   Possible Excursion Day (TBD)   
    15.11. 9:00–17:00  Group Packaging,
    Väre M101/Design Factory Studio           
    16.11. 9:15–12:00     Packaging testing at PTR
    in Kamppi          
    Weekly target: Expand concept and test with users

    Week 5 Develop Message               
    21.11. 9:15–17:00     Information visualisation and scaling up concepts,
    Väre Q103  
    22.11. 13:00–17:00  Presentation preparation, (Photo studio quick check 13.00) -Sanna,
    Väre M101/Design Factory Studio           
    23.11. 8:30–12:00     Presentation coaching with a specialist,
    Väre Q101           
    Weekly target: Working with presentation techniques and arguments
    Week 6 Presenting                   
    28.11. 9:15–17:00    Product photography workshop,
    Väre Photography main Studio   
    29.11. 9:15–17:00    Project report & preparing presentations,
    Väre M101/Design Factory Studio           
    30.11. 9:15–12:00    
    Project report & preparing presentations & exhibition, M140 (Majakka) Otakaari 1         
    Weekly target: Finalizing materials for Pack-Age Gala

    Week 7 Pack-Age Final Show
    8.12. 13:00–17:00  PACK-AGE GALA (Dipoli, Lumituuli stage)

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      We will collect lecture materials and instructions here

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      Create and submit here a project plan that includes:

      1. Your intendended production schedule from this day until the Pack-Age Gala
        (with weekly or even more defined deadlines for different steps that you plan to take)
        You may use tools such as Pert Chart to outline the steps and show dependencies between different steps.
      2. Identified and listed risks and their probability (low-high) and impact (low-high) on the project and its outcame.
        Describe what counter action/strategy can be taken to lower these risk.
      3. a) The requirements that you have for production and the resources you will need in order for the project to be successful, and
        b) the unknowns, what are the things you don't know yet and the things you will need to find out.

      + pictures and sketches of what concept/package you plan to make, so it is easier to discuss the requirements, opportunities and limitations with the printhouse next week.
      Also mention the size of the package and other details you find relevant.

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      Submit Final presentations here

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      Submit your project report (pdf) here