Topic outline

  • General

    All classes are in Room F001 in Väre (computer classroom at the end of the corridor next to Photography Studio)

    This course is a one-week intensive workshop that deepens the student’s understanding of creative coding. Special emphasis will be given to combinations of sound and image: live visuals; sound visualisation; sonification; VJing; audiovisual composition; live cinema; visual music; etc.

    Course topics:
    • Introduction to Generative Media and openFrameworks
    • 2D drawing and text
    • Forces and particle systems
    • Noise
    • Images and video
    • Sound and sound visualization
    • Coursework support


    This workshop is targeted to the students in the New Media major but it is also open for other students who are interested in the topic and have a basic understanding of programming.

    Nuno Correia


    Results from previous years:


      19/Feb, 09:15-17:00

      Lecture: Introduction to openFrameworks


      - 2D drawing

      - Text

      20/Feb, 09:30-17:30

      Guest presentation: Naoto Hieda 


      - Forces and particle systems

      21/Feb, 09:15-17:30

      - Perlin Noise

      - Images and video

      - Sound  and sound visualization

      22/Feb, 09:15-18:00

      - Add-ons

      - Student project support

      23/Feb, 09:15-15:15

      - Student project support

      - Project presentation