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  • Welcome to CHEMARTS Summer School!

    The course starts on Thursday 6.6. at 10 am, and requires daily attendance 7.-25.6.  9-16. Please note that Friday 21st is holiday. The detailed schedule has been added.

    CHEMARTS Summer School 2024 is an intensive, experimental and interdisciplinary course focusing on bio-based materials research. It is strongly based on ecological values. During the course students familiarise with some bio-based materials, and explore working methods used in materials research and design practice. In the summer 2024 the course includes playful Material Chef competition, visiting lecture, creative workshop at the nearby nature, independent background research and laboratory work either in pairs, groups, or independently.

    Learning Outcomes:

    After the course the student will

    • be familiar with and inspired by Finnish bio-based materials, including cellulose fibers, micro- and nanofibrillar cellulose, cellulose derivatives, lignin, bark extractives and novel combinations of these, and other materials from the Finnish nature
    • recognise the main sustainability issues related to these materials
    • know some working methods for material exploration in laboratory environment, and have ability to apply those in their material experiments
    • understand the basics of up-scaling processes related to bio-based material innovations
    • have ability to envision how advanced bio-based materials can enhance sustainable way of living

    Evaluation criteria:

    • Active participation in the lab work and lectures. (25%)
    • A short report (5-7 pages) including documentation of your working process and outcome (50%) work and a 10 min presentation to be presented at the end of the course. (25%)

    Course teachers: Pirjo Kääriäinen, Anna van der Lei, Tapani Vuorinen

    Course assistants: Elizaveta Tapaila, Pia Johansson

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      Please note: minor changes might occur during the course.

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      Course report (personal) Assignment

      Write a report consisting of documentation of your laboratory work and outcome and reflection on your learning process. The length of the report should be 5 to 7 pages. The deadline is 15th July.

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      Project presentations 24 June Assignment

      Prepare a 10 min presentation on your course project to be presented on 24.6. The presentation should include your main findings from the laboratory work and present your application idea, concept or series of experiments. Upload the presentation file (pp or pdf) here by 8:30 am on 24.6. If you have worked in pairs or as a team, prepare a joint presentation together.