Topic outline

  • Freehand Drawing / Spring 2024

    9.1.–11.4.2023 TUE and THU evenings 

    Location: Metallimiehenkuja Studios in the third floor at Ateljee A – 301a and Ateljee B - 301b
    Time: Tuesdays 17.15 – 20:00 (2 h 45 min) & Thursdays 17.15 – 20:00 (2 h 45 min) 

    The course is taught by two graphic artists.
    Anu Välitalo (mainly on Tuesdays),
    Emmi Jormalainen (mainly on Thursdays),

    Course description:
    The course focuses on creative ways to use drawing as a form of artistic expression. 

    On the Freehand drawing course students will try out and train different drawing tools and materials such as the pencil, ink with pen (and brush), charcoal, graphite and different kinds of pens and paints. Students will draw at home and at public locations, interiors and exteriors. The aim is to develop one’s drawing skills, widen the range of tools and materials to use, develop one’s perception and motoric skills, and eventually develop one’s artistic expression and find tools, themes and motives that enable a lifetime habit of drawing and the use of drawing as a part of one’s art and thinking by drawing. Students create a group exhibition in the end of the course.

    The course includes: Drawing exercises, creative working, personal guidance, independent work and group exhibition.

    Note: This course is taught on campus. It is only possible to take part in this course by participating in contact teaching.


    January: Getting to know the tools & materials / Space & people 

    In your own time: Visit a church or another building that is tall inside. Draw and take photographs 

    Tue 9.1.2024 Anu Välitalo / A hundred lines - many tools & materials 
    9.1. Tuesday: One hundred lines

    Thu 11.1.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Drawing together 

    Tue 16.1.2024 Anu Välitalo / Planes/ Surfaces - Drawing landscape/objects 

    Thu 18.1.2024 Guest Teacher, visual artist Hanna Saarikoski / Drawing objects 

    Tue 23.1.2024 Anu Välitalo / Space: Perspective – pencil, charcoal  / Drawing in Kallio Library

    Thu 25.1.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Different drawing surfaces & Collected materials 

    Tue 30.1.2024 Anu Välitalo / Space: Unusual perspectives – mixmedia  

    February: Finding my own expression / Composition & repetition & rhythm & patterns 

    In your own time: Visit a garden (Talvipuutarha or another place with a lot of plants) and draw plants & details 

    Thu 1.2.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Drawing in Helsinki Central Library Oodi

    Tue 6.2.2024 Anu Välitalo / Landscape: Composition / Repetition / rhythm  

    Thu 8.2.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Drawing fruits and vegetables

    Tue 13.2.2024 Anu Välitalo / Patterns / Animals or plants 

    Thu 15.2.2024 Emmi Jormalainen  / Drawing fruits and vegetables CONTINUES

    Tue 20.2.2024 Emmi Jormalainen  /  Drawing hands and humans

    Thu 22.2.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Drawing in metro

    Tue 27.2.2024 Anu Välitalo /  Space & people – ink & nibs 

    Thu 29.2.2024 Emmi Jormailainen / Towards the exhibition

    March: Working towards the exhibition 

    In your own time: Visit an exhibition and draw inspired from a piece of art 

    Tue 5.3.2024 Anu Välitalo / Excercises for coming up with an idea 

    Thu 7.3.2024 Anu Välitalo / Visiting 2 exhibitions, starting    

    Tue 12.3.2024 Anu Välitalo / Visiting Kiasma 

    Thu 14.3.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Exhibition name and one to one meetings

    Tue 19.3.2024 Guest teacher Marja Nurminen, Lecturer in Drawing and painting

    Thu 21.3.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Drawing works for exhibition

    Tue 26.3.2024 Anu Välitalo / Drawing works for exhibition


    April: Making the exhibition 

    Thu 4.4.2024 Emmi Jormalainen / Final touch for the exhibition

    Tue 9.4.2024 Anu Välitalo / Putting up the exhibition 

    Thu 11.4.2024. Anu Välitalo & Emmi Jormalainen: Celebration & Feedback