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  • Welcome to the course TU-E1031 - Advanced Case-seminar in Strategy!

    The course teaches solving strategic business problems structured around Harvard-type business cases, and the course includes an introductory lecture and five case seminar sessions. The cases are presented and judged in collaboration with established strategy consulting companies: AccentureAugust AssociatesBain & CompanyMcKinsey & Company, and VALOR Partners.

    Students work in groups of 3-5 members to address the provided case material and to prepare a solution before the seminar session. The preparation takes place either during the week before the session or during the same day (see the Schedule section for details). The solution is submitted and presented to a panel of judges including course staff and consultants from the partner company of each week, and the panel evaluates the results and the presentation of the group. The presentations typically take place in the premises of the partner companies in the center of Helsinki.

    The course is an optional course aimed for students in master's programme in industrial engineering and management with major in strategy, and the course is recommended to be taken during the first year of master's studies. However, it is also possible to take the course during the final phases of bachelor's studies after completing the strategy courses of the programme. Completion of the same courses or equivalent background knowledge is also required from students applying to take the course from other study programmes, and all exceptions to this have to be explicitly approved by the course staff. Please contact the course instructor through e-mail before registering to the course, if you are not sure if your background knowledge is sufficient for taking the course.

    The registration period for the course is between 7.8.-28.8.2023. The maximum number of students on the course is limited due to practical constraints, and admissions to the course may be prioritized based on study programme and academic major/minor.

    The responsible teacher/instructor of the course is Kaarlo Väisänen (, and the course takes place during teaching period I of fall 2023 between 6.9.-11.10.2023. Please contact the instructor through e-mail in case of any questions concerning the course or its practicalities.

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