Topic outline

  • General

    Status of the Course 

    Compulsory course of the Industrial Engineering and Management major.

    Level of the Course 

    Bachelor's level.

    Teaching Period 

    I-II (Autumn 2023)


    Case and group assignments 112 h, contact based learning 20 h

    Learning Outcomes 

    To develop an understanding of how to apply the concepts and theories that describe, explain and prescribe the design and operation of production systems from strategy to daily operations, in a real life company environment. To practice concrete problem solving skills in the field on operations management and to develop a basic understanding of contingencies in operations management. To improve project management, group work and presentation skills.


    The course consists of cases and a project work. Both cases and the project work will be done in groups of 4. The students may form the groups themselves. Cases and group assignments building on the knowledge developed in course TU-C2020 (Operations Management) and enhancing the students’ knowledge and capabilities through a project work in a practical, real life operations management environment. The projects will be dedicated to one or some of the content themes of course TU-C2020.

    All lectures will be held in Finnish, but all course documentation and instructions are in English. .

    The course sessions will start on Wednesday 6.9.2023.

    Group Assignments / Project Work:

    Case Presentation Schedule:

    13.9.2023 (four to five groups)

    20.9.2023 (four to five groups)

    27.9.2023 (four to five groups)

    Note that attendance is required at least in one case lectures. Each group will present one case. The presentation dates will be announced after group registration.

    Assessment Methods and Criteria 

    Case and group assignments

    Substitutes for Courses 

    Partly TU-22.1113

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    The courses TU-C2020 Operations Management (5 cr) and TU-C2030 Operations Management Project are substance- and schedule wise tightly connected. Thus it is recommended that they are taken in sequence during the same academic year.

    Registration for Courses 

    The course is intended only for students majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management.

    Language of Instruction 


    Course Staff and Contact Information

    Dr. Timo Seppälä

    e-mail: timo.seppala [at]

    Course assistant: Ahmad Assad, e-mail: ahmad.assad [at]

    Please note that you can send your questions in Finnish as well. Please remember to add your student number and the course code TU-C2030.

    Further Information

    Course is targeted to IEM major students.