Topic outline

  • The course in winter 2024 is currently ongoing. If you cannot participate in the course this time, do not worry! The course will be implemented again already in autumn 2024 with its new name ELEC-D9420 Basics of RF Technology.

    The course is primarily meant for the first-year Master's students in the Master's Programme of Electronics and Nanotechnology, especially within the major of microwave engineering, but also in space science and technology and circuit design. Depending on the background and interests, this course would also probably suit well for the last-year Bachelor's students of the electrical engineering (EST) programme. Other students, for instance, in wireless communication, engineering physics or anyone who is interested in the topic and master the pre-knowledge (e.g., circuit and field theory) are warmly welcome, too!

    We use the book Pozar - Microwave Engineering as the main material. You will need this book already during the first week. We also recommend the book Räisänen-Lehto: Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications as supplementary material. Both books are available through the Aalto library.