Topic outline

  • General

    The course starts in period IV. Welcome!

    Teaching is organized on Thursdays in afternoon workshop where we go through both theory and exercises.

      Content and Schedule
      Date Topic
      29th Feb
      1 Basics and definitions
      7th March 2 Realization of LC driving-point functions
      14th March 3 RC and RL circuits
      21th March 4 Realizability and systematic network synthesis (reductions)
      28th March no teaching (Eastern)
      4th April
      Realization of a two port
      11th April
      6 Scattering parameters
      18th April
      Filter approximations (exam week)
      25th April Transmission line filters
      2nd May 9 Multiport implementations (NEW)
      9th May no teaching (helatorstai/holiday)
      16th May
      10 Wideband impedance matching
      23th May

      30th May

    Assessment: Weekly assignments 40 points and exam 60 points