Osion kuvaus

  • The course starts in period IV. Welcome!

    Teaching is organized on Thursdays in afternoon workshop where we go through both theory and exercises.

      Content and Schedule
      Date Topic
      29th Feb
      1 Basics and definitions
      7th March 2 Realization of LC driving-point functions
      14th March 3 RC and RL circuits
      21th March 4 Realizability and systematic network synthesis (reductions)
      28th March no teaching (Eastern)
      4th April
      Realization of a two port
      11th April
      6 Scattering parameters
      18th April
      Filter approximations (exam week)
      25th April Transmission line filters
      2nd May 9 Multiport implementations (NEW)
      9th May no teaching (helatorstai/holiday)
      16th May
      10 Wideband impedance matching
      23th May

      30th May

    Assessment: Weekly assignments 40 points and exam 60 points