Topic outline

  • IC Design Project

    In this course you will practice the art of IC design.    

                   Microphotograph of an integrated circuit    

    This course is part of the micro- and nanoelectronic circuit design major of the master's programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology. The prerequisite for this course is that you have studied the courses ELEC-E3510 - Basics of IC Design or ELEC-E3520 - Digital Microelectronics I, or you have gained equivalent knowledge on the basics of IC desing.

    In the project work you will carry out independent work under guidance of a mentor, and you will learn how to design and simulate an IC circuit. Your instructor will be one of the post-graduate students of the ECD group.

    Assessment is based on evaluation of your final presentation, and merits of the technical achievements.

    Please take a look on the sub-pages regarding the available project topics, schedule, CAD user account, and guidance on the final presentation.

    First meeting is on Tuesday 27.2. at 8:15 in AS6, Maarintie 8.

    In this meeting the course work mode is introduced and we will agree on the topics.

    Final presentation day is Tuesday 28.5.  10-16 in AS3 (1021-1022), Maarintie 8

    If you have any question, you can contact