Topic outline

  • Integrated RF Circuits

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    In this course we will focus on the high-frequency design challenges of integrated circuits, and study typical radio transceiver structures and related circuit solutions.  This course is a part of the micro- and nanoelectronic circuit design major of the master's programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology. The prerequisite for this course is that you have studied the course ELEC-E3510 - Basics of IC Design.

    Course brochure describes the content and study methods.

    The course starts on Tuesday February 27th at 12:15.

    Lecture hall is Y229a at Otakaari 1 building (kandidaattikeskus).

    First lecture will be followed by a CAD exercise demo.

    If you do not have an user account for vspace server, please follow the instructions given in the  CAD Exercises page.

    The final meeting and project presentations will be on 14.5.2024.