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    Welcome to the course Statistical Inference 2024! These MyCourses pages will host the lecture plan, lecture slides, exercise assignments, and other material.

    In the exercise sessions, we will be using R programming language and use R Studio Desktop as the graphical user interface for R.

    Note that Introduction to R programming will be lectured as an intensive course on 20.1.-21.1. In case you are interested. See here: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/view.php?id=41928

    You can also get assistance with the exercises in the Laskutupa (i.e., mathematics tutoring lab).

    Pekka Pere

    Head assistant:
    Markus Hirvensalo Contact the head assistant (or the assistant of your own group) in questions related to exercise sessions.

    When contacting the teachers by e-mail, start by mentioning the course code. (Otherwise how can the teacher know which of their courses you are talking about?)

    Exam information

    The course exam is 17.4. The renewal examination is 5.6., and the 2nd renewal examination is 27.8. The renewal examinations require distinct registration at Sisu; the former does not.

    You can take an A4 sheet of notes to the exam. You can have notes on both sides of the sheet. The notes must have been handwritten personally by you. Scanned or typed notes are not allowed.

    You can take a calculator to the exam.

    Allowed calculators: Scientific calculator; for example, the calculator may have operations for trigonometry, power, exponential function, logarithm, and binomial coefficients.

    Not allowed calculators:
    • Programmable calculator, which can run program code.
    • Symbolic calculator, which can manipulate symbolic expressions.
    • Graphical calculator, which is able to plot functions.
    • Anything with internet access.

    Please see


    (a) Individual study arrangements for exams (deadline to submit the form is 1 week before the exam, but the earlier the better)

    (b) Exam rooms (announced 1 or 2 days before the exam).

    Course grading

    The course grade (0-5) is determined by exercise points (30%) and exam points (70%). The exercise points are taken account of only for those who get at least 40% of the exam points. Others get grade 0. If one has no exercise points one must get at least 50% of the exam points to pass the course.

    Note that the highest grade (5) can not be obtained without any exercise points. The reason for this is that learning to use R and learning to conduct statistical analysis in practice are essential learning goals of the course.

    The exercise points are valid in all exams organized during the year 2024.