Topic outline

  • Welcome to the home page of a course in measure and integration theory. The course practices will be discussed in the first lecture on Mon 23 Oct 2023. Lectures are held in M234 (M3). We have adopted a flipped classroom model for the course. The participants are expected to study the announced pages of the lecture notes before each lecture. 


    Mon 23 Oct: Pages 1-9 of the lecture notes.

    Grading: There is no final exam. The grading is based on homework assignments and attendance. 

    Solved homework assignments      Grade

    90%                                                    5

    80%                                                    4

    70%                                                    3

    60%                                                    2

    50%                                                    1

    Instructor: Juha Kinnunen

    Assistant: Kim Myyryläinen