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  • Welcome to the course Risk Management in Accounting!

    Some important information:
    1. Exercises: The course will have 3 individual assignments (8 points each), one group assignment (26 points), and one group presentation (10 points). 
    2. Examination: There will only be one final examination in February (22.Feb.2024 at 09.00–12.00 Helsinki Time) and one Re-examination in April (22.Apr.2024 at 16.00–19.00 Helsinki time). The exam carries 40 points. The physical location(s) for the examination is(are) shown in Sisu.
    3. To pass the course you need to score at least 20 points from the exam and at least 50 points in total including exam + exercises.
    4. There will be discussions and interviews with 3-5 industry experts (some have already confirmed, and others are in the process of confirming). Details will be available when the course starts.

    Topic and Presentation Schedule for group work (11 mins presentation + 4 mins discussion + 5 minutes changeover time):

    Team # Date Time Topic
    Group A - International Scandals 13th Feb 14:15-14:30
    Climate risk (management) and disclosure (Case: Shell)
    Group B 13th Feb 14:35-14:50
    Risk Management and supply chain management, scandal: Zara forced labour scandal
    Group C 13th Feb 14:55-15:10
    Supply chains, NVIDIA & microchips
    Group E - Loners 13th Feb 15:15-15:30
    Corporate governance and risk management – Theranos
    Group F - Fuchsia 13th Feb 15:45 -16:00
    Leadership and culture related risk management: Uber Scandal, first choice
    Group H - High risk high reward 13th Feb 16:05-16:20
    Integrating risk management with planning and budgeting (company: Mainfreight)
    Group J - JKP Consulting 13th Feb 16:25-16:40
    Integrating risk management with performance management, Case Lehman Brothers
    Group T - The Pharmacists 13th Feb 16:45-17:00
    Integrating risk management with strategy, case McKinsey / Purdue Pharma
    Group M - JMSS Risk Management 15th Feb 9:15-9:30
    Risk management and supply chain management, Scandal: Musti & Mirri dog food
    Group O 15th Feb 9:35-9:50
    Corporate governance and risk management, case SaiPa
    Group P - Team Credit Suisse 15th Feb 9:55-10:10
    Corporate governance and risk management, case Credit Suisse
    Group Q - Risk Avengers 15th Feb 10:15-10:30
    Risk management and supply chain management , Case Mattel lead paint scandal or Toyota recall 
    Group R - Risk Consultants 15th Feb 10:40-10:55
    Behavioral approach to risk management, Elon Musk and his impact on his companies Tesla and X
    Group S - Old and Wise 15th Feb 11:00-11:15
    Integrating risk management with strategy, case Peanut Corporation of America
    Group L  15th Feb 11:20-11:35
    Risk of material misstatement – Wirecard 
      15th Feb 11:35-11:50
    Will Discuss about Exam

    • The group presentation and report submission deadline has been changed to 13th February 1300 HRS.

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