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  • Welcome to the Creative Sustainability _ Business thesis seminar


    Welcome to the online Thesis Seminar of the Creative Sustainability masters programme at the School of Business. These pages have been created by using existing text content and materials from the Thesis seminar of Department of Management studies and content is credited to Saija Katila. When needed content has been altered to reflect the objectives of the Creative Sustainability programme and the principles of inter- and transdisciplinary research.

    Below you can find the course syllabus. This course is divided into several sections, and you are advised to proceed in the seminar following the order of the sections (1) Introduction, 2) What is a good master’s thesis, 3) Choosing a topic and formulating research questions, 4) How to search for literature and write a literature review, 5) Research ethics and General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR). The sections are visible in the menu on left side of the page. 

    In addition to these pages the course will make use of online resources that are produced for the purposes of the school in general. The document Instructions for Thesis Writing will give you a comprehensive view of the thesis a as a piece of writing. Please follow the instructions in accessing and using these external pages. They offer you great resources that will ease your thesis journey.

    The seminar includes two classroom meetings on Fridays 29.9., 13.10 at 10-12 and an online tutorin session on 24.11. at 10-12.

    In case you do not yet know, what you would like to do in your thesis, you can link your thesis to a research project. Please familiarise yourself with the research pages of the department, the Sustainability-in-Business -research group as well as research done by the faculty members of Creative Sustainability in other Aalto Schools including NODUS research group in the department of design. Researchers and research projects may be able to offer thesis topics, data and collegial support for the thesis process. Also note that you can do the thesis as pair work. More information on these possibilities can be found in the Introduction section.

    Whenever you have questions concerning the course, please ask your questions via the General discussion forum (not by email) so that other students with similar concerns can make use of the information delivered. It is your resposibility to stay infromed of all the advice given through this discussion forum as well. Thus, please make sure your MyCourses settings are set in a manner that you will be notified also of the discussions on the General Discussion forum.

    Warm welcome to the course and once more crediting Saija Katila for most of the content of these MyCourses pages, 
    Mikko Jalas