Topic outline

  • Welcome to Sustainability in Business! 

    Our commitment to sustainability | AGC Glass Europe

    We're excited to have you in this course; sustainability is increasingly important in the business world, and this trend is only going to accelerate.

    We will use Mycourses as the main learning platform on the course, with all the materials and information listed here. Here are some important details about the course structure and format:

    • There will be pre-class readings and other materials which are listed on Mycourses. Some of these are designated as mandatory, which means that you are expected to go through them before attending the class.
    • To get credit for the course, you have to do attend for at least 7/11 of the sessions.


    Where to start in MyCourses

    This course has a lot of content, and we also want to encourage discussion and two-way dialogue. What this means is that there is a lot going on in MyCourses.  To help with this, consider the below 'map' of our content:

    • "Session Materials" is where the largest amount of content will be. Each session has its own preparation section.  
    • "Student Questions" is a place for you to ask general questions about the course or sustainability.
    • "Assignments" is the place where you will submit your deliverables.
    • We also have a section titled ”Core Business Topics” which are meant as as catch-up for those who would like more general information on some key business concepts (such as strategy or innovation).


    A brief note on the layout of my courses

    • Navigate between the different sections via the panel on the left-hand side.
    • If you do not see this panel, then press the button in the top left corner of MyCourses. This may of course vary by browser and if you are using a phone.