Topic outline

  • 5.11.2023: Course evaluation is ready! All assignments are evaluated and grades are in sisu. Thank you for the course!

    IDBM Challenge is the introductory course for the IDBM programme. The students acquire the skills to conceptualize, develop, and introduce ethically and commercially sustainable approaches to complex societal challenges. The course involves rigorous reflections from individual, team, and collective perspectives.

    Intended learning outcomes:
    • identify and analyze the dynamics between the individual, the team, and the community in the context of interdisciplinary, creative problem solving
    • identify and analyze the reasoning and practice of design-driven ways to solving ill-defined problems
    • as a team, apply the problem-solving methods to real-life societal and business challenges
    • as a team, create a solution to the challenge
    • individually and collectively reflect the design outcomes and the learning progress

    Attendance policy for the course: This is a teamwork program and teamwork course, and teamwork is not possible without team members. Each session gives attendance points (0,5pt / half day) that are altogether worth 9% of the course grade. We will allow absence from four half day sessions (20% of all). However, certain sessions are mandatory: 1) introduction, 2) event planning, 3) event rehearsal and 4) event (see the schedule). Please contact course administration (Ville) immediately if there are issues with attendance.

    The course will be taught in-person! However, if negotiated in advance, certain mentored team sessions (but not all!) can be organized in virtual format for your team (e.g., if your team wants to work virtually during some session).