Topic outline

  • What are current advanced topics in IDBM –  in the context of an array of pressing contemporary challenges? How may these topics be researched, tackled, and addressed? 

    The world around us is constantly changing, and a sustainable society is a necessity rather than a vision. Being equipped with the analytical tools to address various grand and minor challenges, is increasingly essential for a broad spectrum of IDBM professionals. During this online course, we will jointly explore various advanced topics in IDBM with the help of theories, cases, and by developing dialogues with peers. Together, we will develop your ability to analyze, understand, and tackle these advanced topics. We also delve into the possibilities and problems related to leading for creativity and innovation in organizations. This online course advances and deepens your understanding on the central topics of international design business management, including creative leadership, diversity and creativity, co-creativity in the era of AI, and much more. Course assignments warm-up for Masters thesis work.

    I very much look forward to working with you throughout the course!

    Astrid Huopalainen, your teacher

    The Zoom-link to all sessions (Tuesdays at 10.15-12.00): (Meeting ID: 690 4497 7456).