Topic outline

  • Sustainable Design Principles

    The course Sustainable Design Principles provides a theoretical framework into the systemic interdependencies between the built and the natural environment with focus on the multitude interactions between urbanization, climate and biodiversity. Based on a systemic framework the course focuses on four interdependent areas of ongoing research at the department and their impact on future architectural practice: Resource cycles, Design cycles, Performative cycles, and Natural cycles.

    The course consists of lectures and a number of small assignments that are used for reflecting the lectures topics into various scales and aspects of architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture. The students are also introduced to recent research findings as well as examples from architecture or other relevant fields of arts, design, and technology.

    The course complements the topical overview provided by the bachelor-level course ARK-C3000 Introduction to Sustainable Design. The contents can be studied further on to the hands-on assessment course ARK-E1022 Sustainability Tools for the Built Environment (spring term).


    6.9.2023 Introduction and opening guest lecture by professor Sofie Pelsmakers (Lecture hall E)

    Resource Cycles

    13.9.2023 Materials (prof. Matti Kuittinen) U142 U4

    20.9.2023 Energy (prof. Matti Kuittinen) U142 U4

    27.9.2023  Space & Time (prof. Matti Kuittinen) A208d Jeti

    Design Cycles

    4.10.2023 (prof. Tomek Rygalik) A208d Jeti

    11.10.2023 (prof. Tomek Rygalik) U142 U4

    Performative Cycles

    25.10.2023  Microclimatic Modulation (prof. Toni Kotnik) A208d Jeti

    1.11.2023 Computational Sustainable Design (prof. Toni Kotnik) A208d Jeti

    Natural Cycles 

    8.11.2023 (prof. Elisa Lähde) A208d Jeti

    15.11.2023 (prof. Elisa Lähde) A208d Jeti


    22.11.2023 Closing guest lecture, A208d Jeti/online:

    29.11.2023 Presentation of project work & joint discussion, A208d Jeti

    All lectures are arranged at the campus, unless otherwise announced. Check MyCourses for lecture halls, as the locations may change. Due to the interactive nature of the lectures, there will be no options for participation online.

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      Enrolment to groups for the groupwork in the course. Each group should consist of 4-5 members. The enrolment key for Group XX is GroupXX_2023. The enrolment is possible between 6 Sept, 12:00 until 20 Sept, 9:00.