Topic outline

  • Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit | Chinese characters  汉字 3
    Self-study online course

    Credits: 2 (workload around 54 hours) 

    评分 Arvostelu/Grading: pass /fail

    • homework (50 %)
    • final exam (50 %)

    Learning Outcomes:  

    This is a supporting course for Chinese 3. It is recommended to take both courses simultaneously, if possible. 


    Study material:

    吃了吗 Chi le ma? (Kiinan peruskurssi / a course in basic Chinese)

    The teacher will upload the material for the assignments. However, please note that detailed grammar explanations, as well as vocabulary, can be found in the course book Chi le ma. 

    Please note that you are required to write sentences. Therefore, please review the grammar parts yourself, if you are not taking the course Chinese 3. 

    Course content: Chi le ma textbook chapters 7-9 vocabulary, structures and grammar.


    Assessment methods and criteria: 

    1. Self-study (vocabulary from Chapters 7, 8 and 9)
    2. Assignments 
    3. Written final examination at the university


    One Meeting: Optional Zoom meeting on Monday


    Written exam: 4.12.2023 15:00-17:00, U405a

    You do not have to register for the test separately.

    - Recognize characters and write the pinyin (syllable + tone)
    - Write characters according to the given pinyin by hand (on paper or tablet)
    - Write characters according to the correct stroke order/stroke direction 
    - Recognize the most common radicals (presented in the book) and know their meaning
    - Understand and produce text within the range of the vocabulary and grammar presented in chapters 7-9 of the coursebook