Topic outline

  • Teacher

    Maxi-Ann Campbell ( 


    In this course, you will practice all four modalities of academic English: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course includes two asynchronous self-study online components: reading and writing (1 credit) and speaking and listening (1 credit). Beyond these self-study components, you will have synchronous online lessons with a teacher, biweekly small group discussions with your peers, and other online activities.

    The course will cover the following topics:

    • Engaging in small talk
    • Academic discussion skills (seminar-style)
    • Presentation skills
    • Giving and receiving feedback on spoken and written texts
    • Avoiding plagiarism and academic integrity
    • Academic style in word choice and grammar

    Learning outcomes

    After the course, the student understands how to use academic written and spoken English in a university setting. For written skills, the student will be able to select appropriate academic vocabulary, produce well-structured, grammatically sound written texts, employ strategies to avoid plagiarism, and utilize various organizational structures when writing essays for different purposes. For spoken skills, students will be able to interact in academic social settings using appropriate conventions (e.g. conversation markers, small talk devices, language for agreeing and disagreeing) and deliver an oral presentation related to a topic in their area of study. The students will also reflect on how academic written and spoken English differs from English use in daily life and engage in constructive practices of giving and receiving feedback.

    Teaching times


    • Synchronous online classes 13,5 h
    • Synchronous small group teacher meetings (3 x 30 m) 1,5 h
    • Synchronous small group peer meetings 14 h
    • Asynchronous online modules 54 h
    • Other assignments and homework 46 h
    • Exam and preparation for the exam 5 h

    Completion and grading

    • Attending online classes (80 % attendance)
    • Completing assignments and an exam at the end of the course
    1. Reading and writing online module 20%
    2. Listening and speaking online module 20%
    3. Active participation in synchronous sessions and peer meetings 20%
    4. Other assignments 20%
    5. Final written and spoken exam 20%

    • Grading on a scale a 1-5
    • The exam can be re-taken once

    • I will post any changes to the course, Zoom link, or other important announcements here. 
    • This is a space where you can ask questions or share good resources with your peers. I will answer all questions, but you are also welcome to answer your peers' questions.