Topic outline

  • Space technology project is an individual hands on study activity with work amount from 5 to 10 credits. The amount of the credits is adjusted according to amount of work. The assignment is often related to Aalto research groups and their projects, such as space instruments, space missions, software, measurement equipment or other. The course concentrates on engineering solutions and the challenge is every time different. The project can be taken also as a group.

    The project topics should be always negotiated with research group responsible professor, who provides the topic, arranges supervision, sets the schedule and grades the final outcome. 

    The professors who can be contacted for topics are:
    • Jaan Praks ( (small satellites and remote sensing instruments)
    • Esa Kallio ( (science instrumentation, space physics, small satellites)
    • Anne Lähteenmäki ( (radio astronomy and Metsähovi radio telescopes)  

    The project outcome includes always written documentation, which can be for example in the form of technical documentation, test reports, study report or conference paper.  Written document is only a small part of the work and belongs to the work amount required for the course.

    Some available topics are listed below. Do note, however, that not all topics are listed and it is advisable to contact the professors directly.

    Available topics