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    This is the MyCourses page for the course Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package in Periods I-V, for both B.Sc. and M.Sc level courses. No other MyCourses page (e.g. MARK-E000101) is used during the academic year 2024-2025.

    In order to use access the materials in this page, you need to self-enrol. In order to do so, search for “Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package” using the MyCourses search function and click the ‘Self-Enrolment’ button next to the Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package: I-V, 2024-2025 course.

    The self-enrolment key for the course is CMIRP2223.

    After completing the self-enrolment, please check that you can access all the files and the function to submit the choice of the reading package on the course page. If you have any issues with the self-enrolment, please contact one of the instructors for assistance. Pay attention to the fact that you also need to be enroled in the course on Sisu in order to be graded - register on Sisu on time in the period in which you will be submitting your assignments.


    From the Period IV onwards the course structure has been changed. The changes affected the number of reading packages, the number of articles within the reading package, and the deliverables. The essay format was substituted for the thematic extended comments provided through the Perusall platform (an online social annotation platform). For more information, please familiarize yourself with updated syllabus, introductory slides, and instructions on the enrolment and use of the Perusall platform. To access these files, navigate to the menu bar located at the upper left corner of the page on desktop, or use the corresponding menu option on mobile devices.

    Important deadlines for the Period V:

    22.04.2024: The beginning of the course.

    03.05.2024 (11:59 PM): Submission of the choice of the reading package on MyCourses. This is a mandatory step. Please note that we are not accepting selection requests by email. Failing to do the selection by the time stated will result in your contributions not being graded.

    03.05.2024 (11:59 PM): Enrolment to the course corresponding to the chosen reading package on Perusall platform. See the instructions for using Perusall platform on the MyCourses page.

    Please note that articles will be available to comment on Perusall only after the deadline to enrol to the platform - 03.05.2024 (11:59 PM)!

    22.05.2024 (11:59 PM): Providing comments for the 1st part of the reading package of your choice on Perusall platform.

    07.06.2024 (11:59 PM): Providing comments in the 2nd part of the reading package of your choice on Perusal platform.

    Information on the enrolment into the courses corresponding to reading packages on Perusall:

    The course codes used to enrol (see the detailed tutorial in the instructions on how to use Perusall platform):

    - Bachelor’s level:

    Marketing Strategy: CMIRP-V-BBDVU

    Pricing: CMIRP-V-RF7MX

    Sustainability and CSR: CMIRP-V-QJGH3

    The Cutting Edge of Influencer Marketing: CMIRP-V-9LCYQ

    - Master’s level:

    The Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing: CMIRP-V-VJ9X2

    Consumer Culture in the Age of Algorithms: CMIRP-V-AKM9T

    Value: The Most Important Concept in Marketing: CMIRP-V-N9FUF



    Q: Can I attend the course in more than one period, e.g. start the course in the Period IV and continue in the Period V?

    A: No, if you wish to receive credits in another period, you will need to again: 1) enrol to the course on Sisu, 2) submit the Reading package selection questionnaire on MyCourses, 3) comment on all the articles in the current period.

    Q: Are there any lectures in this course?

    A: No, this is a self-study course.


    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

    You can reach us by email: &

    When sending emails, please include both course instructions (put one instructor in recipient and the other in CC). To ensure that we notice your emails, we have set mailbox rules. When sending an email, please start the subject line with "Contemporary Marketing Issues".


    Arash and Kseniia