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    Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)


    I'll update the course pages now during the weekend. 

    They told me from library services last year that the book (on Pucik, V., Björkman, I., Evans, P., & Stahl, G. K. (2023). The Global Challenge: Managing People Across Borders. (4th ed.) Edward Elgar. cannot be bought as e-book by library but the editor offers e-book for individuals via (ks. eBook for individuals)"

    There are four books are available from Aalto library of the newest edition. There are some old edition books available in Aalto, too. The book can be borrowed from other libraries as well - you just need to get a library card. For example Hanken library Linkki hankenin kirjaston hakutuloksiinLaurea Leppävaara library and Metropolia Myyrmäki library: Linkki hakutuloksiin . Please check via for other possibilities as well.