Topic outline

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    Course timeline and assignment deadlines. See detailed description below the picture.

    Course schedule:

    • Session 1:  Wed 6 March from 12.15 - 15.30 in Otakaari 1, U119 DELOITTE. Theme: Disability, EDI, Unconscious Biases
    • Session 2: Wed 13 March from 12.15 - 15.30 in  Otakaari 1, U119 DELOITTE. Theme: Learning challenges & supportive measures: ADHD, Autism spectrum, mental health
    • Session 3: Wed 20 March from 12.15 - 15.30 in Otakaari 1, U261 OP: Learning challenges & supportive measures: dyslexia, other developmental learning challenges, individual study arrangements

    Development assignment deadlines:

    • DL 12.3. Assignment Parts 1, 2, 3 
    • DL 19.3. Assignment Part 4 
    • DL 5.4. Assignment Parts 5,6 
    • DL 12.4. Assignment Part 7 

    Assessment criteria

    Assessment scale: Pass/Fail. To pass the course, all assignments (Parts 1-7) have to be accepted. Please see Assessment rubric for more details. 

    Intended Learning Outcomes: 

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • understand your role as a teacher in the diverse learners’ learning process in different situations
    • recognize how different learning challenges and mental health affect learning and studying
    • identify different pedagogical approaches that support the learning of all students as well as other support measures offered by Aalto University, such as, individual study arrangements
    • design inclusive teaching for diverse learners.


    • equity, diversity and inclusion principles and practices in higher education and at Aalto university 
    • factors affecting the study ability, such as mental health and the most common learning difficulties at Aalto University
    • evidence-based approaches to support the learning of a wide range of learners
    • individual study arrangements

    Course Teachers:

    Hanna Liisa Hakala, Lecturer of English, IDEM Project Manager at Aalto University / Doctoral Researcher in Educational Psychology at Helsinki University 

    Suvi Toivonen, Digital Learning Specialist at Teacher Services

    Ida Salin, HR Specialist, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
    Janne Mertala, Guidance Counsellor 
    Paula Sjöblom, Study Psychologist
    Anna Vilhunen, Pedagogical Specialist