Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the final project in Digital Systems and Design!

    Project objectives

    The final project in DSD is designed to provide students an opportunity to practically explore a field-specific research question. It is also recommended that the project serves as a basis (and complementary work) to the Bachelor thesis.

    Learning outcomes

    After finishing the Final Project in Digital Systems and Design, students have established deep theoretical and practical understanding of a research question related to Digital Systems and Design. During the project, students gather practical experience, apply typical tools in the respective field and conduct research in the topic to generate novel outcome and results. Indeally, the Final Project in Digital Systems and Design also serves as a preparatory course to the BSc thesis and enables the students to build up competence and preliminary results required to successfully accomplish the BSc thesis.

    As a student, what should I do?

    All instructions for the project and thesis work have now been centralized in this Wiki page!

    Summary of the instructions here:

    1 - Find an instructor and suitable topic for the project (and if possible thesis)

    A list of currently available topics is available on the wiki page. If no topics are available, then contact professors on your own, it is your responsibility to find a topic!

    2 - Agree with my instructor on what is the project task (and what will be the topic of the thesis)

    3 - Work!

    4 - (recommended) Write your thesis and do the seminar on the same topic.