Topic outline

  • This thesis supervision workspace has two purposes. The main intention is to gather useful sources and support material for writing a thesis on computer science, particularly on data science. Another purpose is to offer access to the Turnitin tool that helps you to assess originality of your text and also protect your thesis from plagiarism. Note that the Turnitin check is available only for those students whom I am supervising. Others should use the link provided by their supervisor or, if unavailable, do the Turnitin check independently (see instructions). The idea is that the similarity reports could be interpreted together with the supervisor and/or advisor.


    • Is Wilhelmiina right supervisor for my thesis?
      A: If the topic is related to data mining and machine learning (especially but not exclusively to pattern discovery, clustering, biosciences, educational data mining, text mining, activity recognition, or statistical validation), I am one option. Contact by email, describe the topic and ask! If I cannot supervise you myself, I'll try to advise whom to ask instead.
    • Where can I find other supervisors?
      A: Here is a list of supervisors with some keywords and numbers of students they are currently supervising (prefer those who don't have too many).
    • Do I need to write the thesis with latex?
      A: It is highly recommended, if you work with me. Latex will save both your and my time and the result will look really good. You can find a template under section Latex and bibtex.
    • Where can I find examples of master's theses?
      A: You can find all Aalto theses on, but some contain only the title and possibly an abstract.