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  • Planning, UnsplashWelcome to the Sustainable and Digitally enabled Business Models (2 ECTS) online micro-course organized by Aalto UniversityIn this course, students will develop their understanding and entrepreneurial skills of business model innovation in the context of digitalization, multi-actor networked value creation, and sustainability-driven resource efficiency, acknowledging and adopting to new institutional rules of business. 

    The course consists of two interactive sessions in which you will have an online contact with the teachers, and five self-study sessions in which you watch short videos and perform exercises, assignments, and readings at your own pace. 
    For more information, please check the course description (link to pdf). If you have a study right at Aalto, you can enroll directly to this course in Sisu (click here).

      to get to the actual Course page in Aalto Open Learning environment for the course instructions, contents and lectures (Note: you need the course enrollment key that has been emailed to you. In case of troubles ask help: olli-pekka.mutanen (at) aalto,.fi).

    Additional Entrepreneurship Courses of 1-2 ECTS

    This Aalto course part of the Distributed and Blended European Entrepreneurship Micro-Minor piloted by five (5) European Universities including Aalto. If you are interested in getting a topical and more specific view to entrepreneurshipthis offering is for you as it has been designed to give you the possibility to build your own learning path by choosing among several entrepreneurship related micro-courses covering several topical sub-themes such as:

    • Sustainable and Digitally Enabled Business Models (2 ECTS),
    • Social responsibility of new tech solutions (1 ECTS), 
    • Digital business, competition and regulation (1 ECTS), 
    • European (digital) entrepreneurship with a Mission (2 ECTS)
    • Institutional Change and Entrepreneurship (1 ECTS) 
    • Technology Watch to detect Opportunities for Entrepreneurship (1 ECTS)

    You will also have opportunity to apply your knowledge in the presential hands-on summer school in June 2023 (Budapest, Hungary) with travelling and accommodation costs covered (Note: limited amount of seats available). The volume of the complete portfolio of micro-courses, so called “Micro-Minor”, is max 6 ECTS (you can study less or more of that, but to apply for summer school you need 5 ECTS). 

    Please Note: If you plan to include the courses in your degree, contact separately the planning officer of your programme to make sure that the course is accepted to be included in the degree. If you take more than one course, they will be registered in Sisu with code CS-E4004 Individual Studies in Computer Science.  Micro-course related contacts can be found in the website, and more information in Aalto can be requested from Aalto contact person Olli-Pekka Mutanen.

    to the  European Entrepreneurship online micro-courses (1-2 ECTS) organized by five European Universities including Aalto University! 

    You find the Aalto's micro-course pages in Aalto Open Learning environment HERE.

    More about the pilot program: