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  • General Information

    Welcome to the course page of Teaching assistant as a learning instructor.

    The course provides an introduction to pedagogical approaches and tools to support teaching assistants' work. We discuss important topics such as interaction, feedback, different approaches to learning, motivation and study well-being. This course is also a great opportunity to meet course assistants from all schools at Aalto University. 

    You can earn two credit points (2 ETCS) by attending all five teaching sessions and completing all the course assignments. Maximum of two absences are allowed with completed subsitute assignments.

    Learning outcomes

    After the course you will:

    • be able to observe the learning environment from the learning perspective 
    • identify aspects to support students' learning process
    • recognize ways to support students' study motivation
    • identify your role as a learning instructor

    Teaching sessions

    The schedule for the course:

    1. Mon 26.2.2024 at 12:15-16:00, Otakaari 5 "A Grid", A108b-A111a "Mordor" 
    2. Mon 11.3.2024 at 12:15-15:00, Otakaari 1, U523 "Top Lounge"
    3. Mon 25.3.2024 at 12:15-15:00, Online: Microsoft Teams Meeting
    4. Mon 8.4.2024 at 12:15-15:00, Otakaari 1, U523 "Top Lounge"
    5. Mon 22.4.2024 at 12:15-15:00, Otakaari 1, U523 "Top Lounge"

    The course includes independent assignments between the course days.

    Course facilitators

    Heidy Tiits-Tikkanen and Anna Vilhunen, both pedagogical specialists at Aalto University. Email: 

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