Topic outline

  • Effective Communication & Negotiation

    Welcome to a positively pragmatic course to take your communication skills to the next level!

    Learn how to differentiate yourself positively in working life communication.  From running a meeting to making a compelling argument, dealing with a customer conflict to negotiating win-win outcomes among diverse interests – communication and negotiation are fundamental skills we need.

    This engaging course helps you to start mastering communication tools and techniques you need in work, studies and life. Win support to your ideas,  apply facilitation techniques or make an impact with your next job application. In Effective Communication and Negotiation, you’ll discover and develop your own personal communication style in a safe environment through practical exercises and constructive feedback.

    Attending this course does not have any pre-requirements other than a curious mind and passion to develop communication as a life-wide skillset. Join us to gain insight and inspiration towards building your personal style with confidence!

    The goals of the course are to:

    1) Discover and strengthen personal communication style for professional life 

    2) Develop personal practices and use pragmatic techniques for making an impact 

    3) Understand and apply various negotiation techniques 

    4) Plan how to develop oneself further

    Teaching is based on learning by doing utilising theory and practice with the help of e.g. articles, videos, books, games, case studies and simulations.


    Classes will take place in period V (23.4. - 28.5. 2024) in the room Juniper, Puumiehenkuja 5A.

    Sessions run on Tuesdays 12:15 - 15:00.

    For any questions please contact the teacher