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  • General

    Welcome to My Courses page for outgoing exchange students 2024-2025!

    Here you can find some information regarding your exchange collected in one place.

    Overview of the sections:

    Connect with others

    If you wish, you can use this tool to connect with other BIZ exchange students who are going to the same destination or nearby region. 

    Please note that for some destinations there may be just one or only a few students, so it is not guaranteed that you will find people who are going to the same country. 

    Information emails

    Over the course of your exchange, we will be sending you important emails which you should read carefully. 

    If you need to come back to any information provided, you can find the most important emails and other documents collected in here. Some documents are same in all sections and the sections will be updated throughout the semesters.

    Remember to check the right section:

    • Fall bilateral info emails (non-Erasmus)
    • Fall Erasmus info emails 
    • Spring bilateral info emails (non-Erasmus)
    • Spring Erasmus info emails
    • CEMS info emails

    Marketing materials

    We appreciate your efforts to promote Aalto during your exchange. You might find these marketing materials helpful and you are free to use them. 

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    Wishing you a rewarding exchange,

    BIZ Student Exchange Services