Topic outline

  • Principles of Product Management Course Intro

    Welcome to the Principles of Product Management course!

    Principles of Product Management -course provides core concepts of product management for anyone interested in creating exceptional products – whether you’re an aspiring founder looking to productize your idea, or someone interested in getting to know the diverse field of product management. This course has been designed to work as a flexible online format introductory version of the  5 ETC course "Product Management". This course utilizes a collection of recorded lectures from leading product experts from tech. 

    Product management is one of the most crucial competencies for startups and scale-ups. Combining customer needs and realities of production during fast growth calls for a strong vision and ability to coordinate the requirements of customer needs, development, and business development. "Principles of Product Management" addresses product management as a professional role and as an organizational function. It introduces the tools and concepts that individual product managers can use to create and maintain coordination among the multiple stakeholders within design, marketing, business development and product development. It also introduces concepts to understand and evaluate organisations and their approaches and competences in product management.

    Structure and Content

    The content of the course is divided into three themes:

    1) Product management

    2) Product organization

    3) Product leadership

    The further content can be seen in the table below.


    Dates Topic Speakers Deliverables
       Part I: Product management  
    Week 1
    What is product management? Marko Oksanen (Coventures)

    Understanding customers Udo Szabo (ICEYE) A1:Customer Value and Product Features
    DL 29.4.
    Week 2
    Organizing development Otto Hilska (Swarmia)
    Validating business and use value Terhi Hänninen (Google) & Timo Herttua (Yousician) A2: Defining a development slice
    DL 6.5.
       Part II: Product organization    
    Week 3
    Role of product manager Kaisa Salakka (Wolt)

    PM in startups, scaleups and corporations Osma Ahvenlampi (Enersense International), Heta Ruikka (Sievo) & Tommi Ylinen (RELEX) A3: Validation
    DL 13.5.
    Week 4
    Product strategy Noora Ahmed-Moshe (Hoxhunt)
    Tracking progress and communicating direction Timo Herttua (Yousician) & Marko Oksanen (Co-Ventures) A4: Roles and Competences of Product Management
    DL 20.5.
       Part III: Product leadership    
    Week 5
    Leadership, teams & culture Janetta Ekholm (Futurice)

    Managing and expanding product portfolio Maria Petrova (TWAICE) A5: Product Capabilities 
    DL 27.5.
    Week 6
    Contexts and practices of product leadership Luis Orozco (Schibsted), Laura Saarainen (Accountor) & Markus Sandelin (Finnish Defence Forces) A6: The PM's toolbox
    DL 3.6.
    Week 7
    Concluding assignment A7: Product Strategy for Your PM Competences
    DL 9.6.