Topic outline

  • Course programme

    The course is meant for second year (exit) students in Maste'rs programme in ICT Innovation.

    To pass the course, you have to attend the lectures or study the self-study material and do the quizzes and assignments. Quizzes and assignments are published after each lecture. You have one week after the lecture to complete the quiz or assignment.

    The planning officer of the course is Minna Parviainen. Please send an email to if you have questions about the course.

    Course Programme, autumn 2024

    Time and place
    Topic and links

    Thursday 5 Sept at 8.30 – 10
    T6 (A136), CS-building, Konemiehentie 2       

    1. Internship & Thesis info - How to get started

    Thursday 12 Sept at 8.30 – 10
    D-hall (R001/Y122), Otakaari 1

    2. How to Prepare for Matchmaking Event

    Thursday 20 Sept at 8.30 – 10
    T6 (A136), CS-building, Konemiehentie 2

    3. Finnish Working Life Culture


    4. Independent Assignment 1

    Wednesday 2 Oct at 12.30 – 16
    Greenhouse, CS building

    5. Thesis Day


    6. Independent Assignment 2

    Thurday 28 Nov at 8.30 – 10 
    T6 (A136), CS-building, Konemiehentie 2       

    7. Thesis Steps