Topic outline

  • Welcome to Academic learning skills course (2 cr)

    This is a first year mandatory course for Bachelor's Programme in Design -students.

    Course has 7 themes with teaching sessions and themed assignments. Please follow the instructions given by the teachers in the session.

    Responsible teachers are: Mari Partanen and Kuura Koivu and teaching assistant XX. Contact the teachers mainly through general discussion (below). Usually the things unclear to one student are the same ones everyone is thinking about.

    Workload and assignment schedule
    PLEASE NOTE! first session is cancelled and it will be replaced later in the autumn

    Teaching session date
    Teaching session theme  Group assignment Assignment deadline                
    Workload (contact teaching + assignment) 
    4.9.2024 at 13.15-15
    Studying in Finland Group agreement 10.9. 5
    11.9.2024 at 13.15-15
    Study Ability and Wellbeing

    24.9. 6
    25.9.2024 at 13.15-15
    Time Management Time management 22.10. 12
    23.10.2024 at 15.15-17
    Planning Your Studies and PSP Personal study plan 5.11. 9
    6.11.2024 at 15.15-17
    Learning from others / feedback
    Poster assignment
    19.11. 8
    20.11.2024 at 15.15-17
    Learning in groups Group evaluation26.11. 6
    27.11.2024 at 15.15-17
    Skill set Learning  reflection 7.12. 8
       Total 54 h

    Make-up submission dates: 31 May 2025 at noon and 31 August 2025 at noon. If you have not completed the course, these are the two dates when you can still submit late assignments and receive the credits for the course. After these dates, you must re-take the course. Please note that the grades are registered within 4 weeks of the deadline date and if you have questions about the submission, you should contact us (Mari and Kuura) well in advance, especially during summer as most staff are out of office during July. Submissions are to be made to the corresponding task's hand-in box under the topic's page.